Weirdo! Freak! Emo! Strange! Oddball! Geek! Misfit! Often considered to be hurtful insults hurled by a bully, are actually code for “Unique”.


Victim’s of bullying need to understand right here, right now that….


BEING UNIQUE IS CHIC! Phat! Tight! Neat! Fresh! Cool! Awesome! Being unique is a good thing, not a bad thing, as some may have lead you to believe.


If you have seen Tim Burton’s film, Frankenweenie, then you know that is Weird Girl and Mr. Whisker’s in the picture shown. If you have not seen Frankeweenie, do – it’s a great flick.


Frankenweenie’s Wiki site describes Weird Girl as someone who does not fit in well with other kids. She delivers ominous pronouncements in a monotone voice. Her cat, Mr. Whiskers, is a constant companion. Weird Girl and Mr. Whiskers both have an unnerving, unblinking stare. Weird Girl loves to share Mr. Whisker’s dreams to those whom he dreamt about.


Weird Girl is not bothered by the way she is mistreated by others. Kids often give her and Mr. Whiskers a wide berth, especially when she rambles on about the cat’s premonitions. Weird Girl clearly embraces who she is… from her large staring eyes, to her monotone voice, to her psychic abilities to read ‘signs Mr. Whisker’s leaves in the litter box’. The other kids don’t directly bully Weird Girl, but you can definitely sense she is not the most popular person to hang around.


Weird Girl is weird. But, she is weird in a cool way. A unique way. Her hair, her dress, her voice, her personality, her quirks..all of it. She demonstrates her weirdness as a special personality trait. She’s never seen feeling ashamed of who or how she is. She embraces everything about herself and could care less what others think of her and Mr. Whiskers.


I don’t know about you, but I find being unique fun. Who wants to be normal? Ugh…boring. Be yourself! Be unique! Who cares what they think! As one saying goes, “Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle!” As silly as that sounds, it’s the truth. Let your light shine.


Whatever unique qualities you adorn;


Your physical appearance (eyes, nose, mouth, hair, height or weight)

Your clothes

Your voice/speech

Your personality

Your quirks

Your taste in TV/Movies/Music


(you get the idea)


Never give anyone the power to make you feel bad about yourself. Embrace your uniqueness, don’t be ashamed or feel horrible or put yourself down because of it. If someone does not appreciate your uniqueness…First, that is their problem, let them keep it. Second, they are jealous and only wish they had the guts to stand proud and be who they are, wear what they want, say how they feel, etc…


I have said it before, but I am going to say it again. There is no one else like you. You are special and you are here for a purpose. A great purpose. You are not here to be beaten down physically/emotionally/mentally by a bully or by a person who clearly does not get how cool, special and unique you really are.


Question: Who put a bully troll in charge of deciding that being unique wasn’t cool?


Answer: No one….but you should be aware that when you let the bully’s pointless yammering and finger pointing affect you, you are putting them in charge of dictating how you feel about yourself. It’s okay, don’t feel bad – it took me some time to catch on to that one too. Now that you know the truth, brush off their hate and embrace loving yourself just as you are. Change for no one.


Weird Girl’s quotes from the movie read, “Mr. Whisker’s had a dream about you last night. If Mr. Whiskers dreams about you, it means something big is going to happen.”


That something big is YOU loving, accepting and embracing yourself, being proud of your uniqueness and no longer succumbing to abuse at the hands of a bully, no matter who they may be.


If Mr. Whisker’s dreamed it, it will happen…but you have to do your part to help make it happen.


Start believing in yourself – Stop believing in your bully.




Never Let A Bully Win!

Fight Back!



Hugs XX

Bullycide: To Whom It Concerns



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